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WordPress 5.7 – some useful new functions and hooks

While most of the new features for the latest WP versions have been concentrated on the block editor, and this way mostly related to JS dependencies and functionalities, some new functions and hooks offer interesting possibilities. The next relevant WP release will be the WordPress 5.7, to be released in the next few days. From […]

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A short library to manage security HTTP headers in WP

A number of users and developers within the WordPress community finally realized that having a SSL certificate gives us more than just a “lock icon” in the browser. Configuring a SSL can be more than just setting URLs. Everyone has lately heard about the security headers, things like X-Frame-Options or Expect-CT. But what are they? […]

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Composer in WP plugins – positive or negative?

Dependency management has been a major trend for any programming language for over a decade, and that hasn’t been any different for PHP. Nonetheless, using Composer for developing WordPress plugins and applications is something that still divide the community. While some talk about how Composer and using namespaces may organize the code and the plugin […]

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WC custom order statuses in seconds

Order statuses are maybe one of the most important aspects of WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms. They give the shop manager a real-time feedback about what needs to be done in all cases. Important and obvious statuses already come as default in WC – such as pending, completed, cancelled and more. And for any status […]

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WP API – creating Custom Endpoints Like a Boss

One of the most interesting possibilities of using WordPress as a platform for developing apps is the flexibility for creating new Rest API endpoints and services. However, even though the way you can create new custom routes and endpoints is somewhat easy to understand on WordPress, things become messy when you think of a system […]