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How to limit Woocommerce’s backorders

Stocks are key for any e-commerce. They tell you how many items you can actually offer. But sometimes you want customers to buy, even if stocks are gone. So you can admit backorders. Woocommerce, like many other shop scripts, allow managers to admit backorders from customers. All you need to do is to click in […]

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How to async or defer JS to make Google happier

SEO gurus and website owners became paranoid with Page Insights’ issues lately. Although most of them simply refuse to understand how a 100% optimization may affect the number of features they still want their sites to show, they keep asking devs to fix them all. When it comes to WordPress websites, particularly those using sophisticated […]

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WP-CLI: first steps on WordPress’ command line tools

Before any trend of using Composer, NPM, Yarn or any other command line tool within WordPress’ themes and plugins development, devs have already been using a set of command line tools which had been particularly designed for managing WP instances. WP-CLI is a command line tool which is extensible, comprehensive and easy to use. Even […]

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Best and worst builders for WP developers

Website builders and block editors are consolidated within WP community. And even for devs, losing time with layouts is useless when you cancache just build templates in minutes. So, if using them is key, how can devs choose the best option? Well, excluding the UI characteristics, we should always look for three aspects: Possibilities of […]