WordPress and PHP coding

Experiments, tutorials, scripts and possibilities in WordPress, key plugins and pure PHP to those who want to learn more together with us. References to latest changes on WordPress codex, classes and libraries built to help you coding better and a few tutorials and discussions useful for those who live WP daily.


Boilerplates and plugins, and simpler is always better

Plugin development is key for anyone developing for WordPress. While themes are often created by agencies and web designers, plugins are definitely a programmer’s task. The structure for put up a new plugin in WordPress, and many other CMS platforms, is stupidly simple. All you need is a main file that brings, on top, the plugin info as a comments section. Having that said, by browsing Github it is possible to find uncountable boilerplates and […]

Plugins that webmasters should never use – SMTP

You’ve been hired as DEVELOPER to put up a company’s website. As the work evolves, you find out emails are not being sent. So you search for a SMTP an install it. Seriously… wouldn’t be that difficult to configure it by yourself. As a remind, WordPress has a built-in hook just for that. That’s nothing to do with any “devs pride”. You know, as developer, that most plugins bring a lot of crap on top […]

“Why my WordPress is so slow?” – here’s why

WordPress has been around for almost 20 years and never stopped evolving. If we took a look within the original code, that’d prove to be completely different than the current. Whether you like it or not, as a dev or even web designer you must agree: there is no comparison with any CMS from that same era. Drupal, Joomla, Typo3 and many others. They are still evolving and releasing new versions here and there, but […]

Stop using functions.php for coding

Best practices, in spite of their name, are rarely used. When it comes to add any code piece for WordPress, that becomes evident. Perhaps 99% of web designers and even some devs have been widely using the theme’s (or the child’s, for God sake) functions.php to include their own snippets. While this sounds like safe and a good practice, using any of the theme’s files, or even those from a child, can be taken as […]

CSS: why are you enqueing yet another stylesheet?

WordPress became the world’s largest CMS platform for a bunch of reasons. However, the main reason is certainly the way it can be enhanced with both plugins or code. Most people working for building WP websites nowadays are web designers, rather than fullstack or PHP devs. No problem here, and some of them already use top-notch frontend tools which avoid JS/CSS bloat or redundancy. Unfortunately, when it comes to create or tweak themes or plugins, […]


Best and worst builders for WP developers

Website builders and block editors are consolidated within WP community. And even for devs, losing time with layouts is useless when you cancache just build templates in minutes. […]